Once Upon a Spicy Gentleman

Kitsis: But in a real way. Emma has had a lifetime of putting up walls, so one kiss does not mean love and [let’s] go register at Pottery Barn. As for Hook, we’re going to see some old rivalries. We can’t forget that as much as he loves Emma and has done the right thing for her, we’ve seen him do horrible things in the past because he’s a pirate. He and Rumpelstiltskin unfortunately are going to find their detente coming to an end.



"[Hook] sort of closed himself off from everybody. And in a similar way, Emma has issues, she puts up walls…"  (x)

I love this moment so much.  That top gif?  That is the classic reaction of a married man.  It’s almost as though his first instinct is “code red! abort!” then he remembers that it’s Jen/Emma and they’re talking fictional characters and he doesn’t have to sweet talk his way out of this mess.  

TVF: I’ve made it very clear that I’m a Captain Swan fan, so what can you say about that relationship moving forward?

AH: I would say as far as Emma and Hook go, it’s a similar thing. The show is not something we want to turn into two people watching Netflix. They’re going to have their challenges. There’s going to be an exploration of Hook’s character that involves the past that we’ve seen of his already, that he’s dealing with. Emma’s going to be dealing with her own past as well. And the two of them, while taking big steps forward, are going to also be having to deal with some roadblocks and obstacles that are unique to their situation. But the two of them do have feelings for each other that we’ve seen grow, obviously, and those feelings are going to continue to be explored.

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