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Snowing Appreciation Week Your Choice: Embarrassing Their Daughter

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Captain Swan Wedding | As Emma walked down the aisle, her eyes found his immediately. Her grin turning into a smirk, realizing how glad she was that he hadn’t shaved or taken out his earring - no matter how against them she was just a day ago. This was her Killian: her true love; her soulmate. She loved everything about her pirate, and she couldn’t wait to start on the many adventures that would await Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

"Do you, Emma, take Killian to be your husband?" - "I do."
"Do you, Killian, take Emma to be your wife?" -"Aye."


"nobody’s listening to me."





Anti-heroes don’t fucking threaten their girlfriends with rape

Or threaten anyone with rape

Mostly what I’ve got from the SDCC stuff is that neither Ward nor Skye’s actors seem to remember that he threatened to rape her. They’re just going on about how they love each other “really”

That’s some fucking abuse-mindset narrative right there

oh pumpkin

you are just hilariously deluded on this front 

we have two issues

one: did grant ward threaten rape

two: do you have any idea what the fuck an antihero is

1.) rape! lets go look at the canon

that thing over there 

that you seem never to have seen

exhibit A

Raina: “And that’s all you ever wanted, isn’t it? the evolution [Garrett] speaks of, she’ll be an important part of that. So go get her, Grant Ward.”

Ward: “Get her for what?”

Raina: ”The world is going to change. And when it does, she could be yours.”

Ward: ”Boy you really are crazy. Skye detests me. She thinks I’m a monster.”

Raina: ”Are you? Is that your true nature? Or is that what Garrett made you to be?”

Ward: ”I don’t know.”

Raina: ”Well, we know about Skye’s parents. About the darkness that lies inside her. I believe in a world where her true nature will reveal itself. And when that day comes, maybe you two could be monsters together.”

exhibit B

"You’re right, Skye. You woke up a weakness inside me. And for the first time in a while, I wanted something for myself. Maybe I’ll just take what I want. Wake up something inside you."

Now I understand if this got past you since it’s been almost a whole ten minutes between scenes in the same fucking episode and its hard to remember facts for that long (inflammatory misinterpretations can hang on for months after their inception apparently but that’s a whole different story) so I have juxtaposed these fuckers for you just in case you were too lazy to actually rewatch the episode with your thinking cap on


Facts laid out in exhibit A per character groups

a.) Grant Ward and Skye

  • She detests him
  • She thinks he’s a monster

b.) Raina and Grant Ward

  • Both know Skye’s parents were monsters
  • Both know Skye could also be a monster

Conclusions drawn by Grant Ward as seen in exhibit B

  • If Skye knew about her parents, she would be a monster too.
  • If she was a monster too, she would no longer detest me.
  • I could have what I want.

It’s not a difficult concept even for an eggplant such as you

now we’d be looking at an entirely different pie if you had said that skye thought he wanted to rape her

which from her pov would not be an illogical assumption

but since that a simple misinterpretation by the characters, it can easily be overcome (see any shakespeare comedy fucking ever) and still can’t be classified as a rape threat

and since you are 100% wrong in everything else im not going to give you the benefit of the doubt on this 

rape is a serious issue. and unless you were equally angry when grant ward himself was raped on camera, you can fuck off

in much the same way, its hilarious to me how closely you skated by the abuse issue without actually noticing it

because the interesting thing about grant ward is the conclusion he draws

its not

if i get better, skye will want me


if i make skye bad too, then we can be together

ward already sees himself as completely hopeless and evil and wrong, a person that no one would want unless they had no other choice

a mindset which is entirely a product of his abuse

funny how that works.

OH WAIT sorry I forgot we have to spell things out for you

  1. Grant Ward was abused and raped
  2. Grant Ward never threatened to rape Skye
  3. Grant Ward never abused Skye
  4. It’s a dick move for you to ignore his abuse, manipulate the facts, and insult characters and actors alike in order to call this a 
  5. what was it
  6. 'an abuse-mindset narrative'
  7. sorry i had to go back and get the facts
  8. like you should

So anyway you have an abused and raped non-abuser and non-rapist

who said a line that you as an omnipotent audience member who has access to all these facts if only you would fucking look got all pissy over

and now you want to perpetuate the pissy by being angry at actors for ‘not remembering’ a thing that never happened

pff what a shitstorm

and you know?

"Mostly what I’ve got from the SDCC stuff" sounds an awful lot like "im not looking too closely at all"


look a little closer

2.) lets look at the actual definition of an anti-hero

you seem to think the definition of anti-hero is



its not


  • from merriam-webster: an antihero is a main character in a book, play, movie, etc., who does not have the usual good qualities that are expected in a hero
  • from tvtropes.orga protagonist who has the opposite of most of the traditional attributes of a hero. (S)he may be bewildered, ineffectual, deluded, or merely apathetic. More often an antihero is just an amoral misfit.

read those closely pumpkin

notice how your entire premise is flawed

even if grant ward had threatened rape

he would still fit perfectly into the category of an antihero

so in conclusion

a.) read a book

b.) make your own post

c.) we won

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Guys.. this is what Captain Swan is probably gonna look like all season, Killian just admiring his beautiful Swan, and I just really can’t right now.


i love everyone, but i just have to say, as a cs shipper I have huge appreciation for the ouat sdcc crowd

  • colin’s entrance had one of the loudest screams, if not the loudest
  • ear-splitting cheers for hook as emma’s soulmate
  • awww-ing when jen and colin hugged
  • and general amusement over the antics of jmo and colin, queen and king of cs

like, thank you.

it’s proof that captain swan is really loved by fans (if it ain’t obvious by pca nomination, colin in the fan favorites panel, etc) and those who might not ship it as hard as others are still lovely people, appreciating everything about the show and don’t do hate. and that those who do hate only exist in tumblr and twitter.

we literally got nothing to worry about - fans love it, writers love it (so much), and the only ones who probably ship it more than we do are jmo and colin (like come on those two let it go this comic con)

like wow, we are totally ruling this shit

jennifer and colin + repeating one another

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